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Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Slow Drains in Seattle

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Sewer Drain Repairs Seattle WA

At Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing, we know that having slow drains can make even the simplest tasks a nuisance. Fortunately, our team is comprised of industry professionals who have the knowledge and tools necessary to restore your water flow and drainage. We service Seattle and its surrounding areas including Everett, Bellevue, and Tacoma.

Seattle Washington Sewer Drain Repairs

Reasons Your Drains are Flushing Slowly

The most common reason for slow drains are due to a clog. In bathrooms, hair and soap build up can create a sort of net that prevents proper draining. If you have a clog in your kitchen, food particles and waste are usually the culprit. Regardless of the cause, finding the best solution for your clog will make all of the difference in your drain’s functionality.

Why DIY Methods of Drain Cleaning are Bad

While there are a lot of over-the-counter methods available when it comes to clearing out your drain, they can cause more damage to your pipelines. These chemicals can wear away at your pipes interior without solving the root of the problem. In many cases, especially if a slow drain is recurring, getting a professional opinion is the best bet. At Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing, we know that each customer’s need is unique and we take the time to tailor our repair to find the best solution without any guesswork.

Sewer Drain Repairs Seattle Washington

Sewer Camera Inspection Seattle

Our camera inspection service allow us to find the source of the problem and how to best approach it. Our advanced, waterproof cameras are inserted into an existing access point in your pipelines and controlled by one of our trained technicians. Live footage is then recorded back to our team as the camera is worked through your lines. Once we have located the source of the problem, we are able to see exactly what is causing the clog and how to remove it.

Professional Snaking

Snaking is a process of removing clogs with a drain auger. This traditional method involves using a small flexible device that is inserted into your drain and clears away minor clogs. This process is generally used for more minor clogs that are not located deep in the pipeline but need to be professionally removed with accuracy.

Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is the most popular method of drain cleaning. Drain cleaning service is environmentally friendly and allows us to clear away even the most stubborn clogs such as tree roots. This process involves inserting a hose with a multi-directional nozzle into your pipes from an existing access point. This hose, controlled by one of our expert technicians, sprays in all directions and blasts away clogs that are preventing draining. Not only will this dislodge any clog that is preventing draining, it will give your pipes a deep clean and help prevent any future damage.

Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing is here to solve even the most serious clogs that are preventing your drains from functioning properly. Call us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas
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