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Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Residential Plumber in Seattle, WA
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Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Residential plumbing, sewer services

Established in 1908, our team at Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing has been the preferred plumber in Seattle, WA for several decades, and counting. We are devoted to providing our customers with excellent repair work that can be depended on. We take our work seriously and ensure that our prices are accurate and reflective of the work we do.

We proudly serve the following key locations in Washington: Seattle, Tacoma, Mountlake Terrace, and nearby areas

Our team also caters to Everett and Bellevue

The Fixtures We Service At Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing

From big to small repair and cleaning jobs, we have the equipment and knowledge necessary to handle all of your sewer system needs. As a trusted plumbing company in Seattle, WA, our technology is complemented by methods and processes that maximize the quality and efficiency of our work. We service many fixtures in homes, including:

  • Water pipelines
  • Floor drains
  • Washing machine hoses
  • Water heaters
  • Toilets
  • Showerheads and bathtubs
  • Garbage disposals

From water heater repair in Seattle, WA to fixture installation, we service various components in homes across the area in order to provide our customers with security in the quality of our work. This includes utilizing our leak detection equipment to identify where leaks may be located inside of hot and cold water supply lines or conducting a sewer camera inspection to identify the presence of clogs inside of the pipes and drains in your home. With these methods and techniques, we are able to efficiently perform a wide range of plumbing services in Seattle, WA.

The Services We Provide At Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing

Our team recognizes that not all problems are limited to the pipelines themselves, and we are trained to fix various problems within homes, including those with electrical wires and other factors. Our specialists are qualified and trained to offer solutions that are safe and completely eliminate the problem. Our inspection equipment, in particular, allows us to fix these important household appliances with ease and precision with the help of efficient plumbing repairs in Seattle, WA. This equipment isn’t limited to sewer cameras or leak detection equipment, as we also conduct dye tests within toilets to find leaks. This versatility of tools and equipment ensures that we are always prepared for any scenario we encounter.

Apart from plumbing services such as emergency plumbing, we also specialize in fixing sewers. If we discover that the sewer lines and other appliances in your home need to be fixed, but digging would result in needless property damage and extended periods of downtime, we offer solutions that are based on trenchless technology. With trenchless-based services, we can keep the costs low while providing our customers with repairs that keep their homes and fixtures secure. With the advent of trenchless technology and its dissemination in the industry, we are well-versed at performing the needed repairs, such as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining and pipe bursting, processes that can be done completely from inside of the host pipe. This makes our sewer repair faster and more cost-effective because we eliminate the requirement for large machinery and labor crews to be brought to the property and create high levels of demolition and property damage.

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We work hard to make the process as convenient for our customers as possible, working quickly to keep them satisfied with the work we do. No matter what repair work you may need, Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing will have the solutions you need. Call our team at 206-633-1141 to learn more about how we can help you today!

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Call 206-633-1141