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3 Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning in Seattle

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At Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing, we encourage our customers in Seattle to regularly schedule drain cleaning services in order to better keep your pipes in high- quality condition. We take pride in protecting your property’s plumbing and believe that healthy drains provide a strong foundation for a functional, sustainable future. Trust our plumbing professionals at Jim Dandy to repair your home or business with efficient, long-lasting solutions to any of your plumbing problems.

Keep Your Home Healthy

Drains are used daily and are susceptible to get clogged from debris such as food waste, hair, grease and soap scum. In order for drains to function properly and effectively, it is important to keep your pipes clear of any blockages that could be inhibiting water flow or even causing minimal flooding. At Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing, we offer a variety of services that keep your drains clean, so you can avoid the inconveniences of low water pressure, foul odors or leaking appliances.

Cost Effective

By hiring professionals at Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing to inspect and perform routine services at your property, you are ensuring the future security and sustainability of your plumbing. Our team of plumbing technicians encourage home and business owners in Seattle to schedule drain cleaning services so that your property is at less risk of potential dangers that are caused by low pipe and drain maintenance. If drains are left unkempt, your property could experience pipe breaks, water damage, sewage overflow and more. Call us today if you are having trouble with your drains so that we can keep your property stable and safe.

Environmentally Friendly

Our plumbing professionals in Seattle value the safe keeping of your property and the planet. We provide drain cleaning services that benefit your property now and in the long run. Hydro jetting and snaking are both great ways to unclog your drains and keep them in great working order. Unlike commercial drain cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals that could lead to pipe corrosion, Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing use eco-friendly solutions that are drinking water safe and hypoallergenic.

Trusting a plumbing professional is the first step in taking care of your property. We offer reliable, effective services that keep your drains clean and your property healthy. If you are unsure about the condition of your pipes, call us today and we will be happy to accurately assess your property and perform the necessary services and repairs for affordable prices.

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas
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