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How Seattle’s Winter Rains Affect Your Plumbing System

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If you live in Seattle, you know how heavy rainfall can impact your daily routine. Winter rains can sometimes be a minor inconvenience, but they also can cause you to spend a lot of money on plumbing repairs if you are not prepared. When Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and Everett are experiencing heavier rains, it is important to understand how excess water and flooding can affect your pipes. The top ways winter rains impact your plumbing system include the following:

  • Freezing pipes Cold winter rains can often freeze when the temperatures drop. If your pipes are not properly insulated, they are at risk for freezing and cracking. Frozen pipes will significantly impact your water flow and usually require professional re-lining or even replacement.

  • Increased pressure Heavy rainfall means more pressure on your pipes that can cause damage. It many cases, it is the impact that water has on surrounding dirt and vegetation that weighs on your pipelines.

  • Shifting pipes When substantial rain softens the ground, it can lead to your pipes shifting from their original position. This shifting mixed with pressure can cause cracks in your plumbing system and will cause leaks and other damage.

  • Backups While rainfall gives surrounding vegetation in Seattle the nutrients to grow, it also raises the risk of tree root invasions on your pipes. If your pipe is cracked, roots and other debris may find their way into your lines and cause clogs that lead to backups. In the case of tree roots invasions, these clogs will also expand the size of your cracks and many times require pipe replacement.

Get Ready for Rains Before They Arrive

One of the best ways to prepare for heavy winter rain is to get a professional inspection. Our advanced camera inspection will give you the peace of mind in knowing the exact state of your pipes and any repairs that are necessary. Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing has been working in the Seattle area for years and knows the best way to prevent damage and repair the damage rain causes. If you would like more information about our services or you would like to schedule an appoint, contact our team today.

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas
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