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Pipe Excavation Bellevue Washington

Earthquakes, tree roots, and construction may hazard the pipe systems of Bellevue residents. Even if sewer lines are secured from these disturbances—they will eventually wear down and break. Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing provides pipe excavation services and swiftly dispatches our plumbers to the scene of plumbing emergencies. Excavation involves several steps to locate the area of ruptured pipes and restore sewer lines to a good as new condition. Like trenchless pipe lining and pipe bursting procedures, dig-and-replacement services for broken pipes reliably mends sewer lines. There are several steps and background information that guides pipe excavation.

Locating Your Sewer and Drain Problem

As soon as damaged pipes are detected, Jim Dandy dispatches a plumber to survey the ruptures with a sewer camera. This instrument inspects the area of damage through a single access point without digging massive trenches or destroying front yards. The camera winds through the pipe and pin-points exactly where the leak occurs without further disrupting the weakened pipe. Drain inspection informs our plumbing specialist about not only the leak, but the pipe’s material. Pipe clogs and other hindrances to an operational sewer line system are addressed as well. After the camera completes its sewer inspection, the excavation process begins. Bellevue homeowners can rest assured that all the bases are covered with pipe excavation. Our cutting-edge excavation technologies mends sewer systems to a better than new condition.

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Professional Sewer Replacement Service Bellevue, WA

Bellevue homeowners do not have to fear extensive repairs with pipe excavations. Pipe ruptures may occur deep beneath the soil and require tactfully dug trenches to excavate the broken parts. If an earthquake or tree roots pulverizes a pipe, it may not be suitable for trenchless pipe lining or pipe bursting. The causes of pipe damage are precisely inspected to prevent unneeded labor and costs. Jim Dandy’s mission plan for pipe excavation relies on simplifying labor costs, addressing the exact cause of pipe ruptures, and meticulously placing new pipes in the ground. Unlike our competitors, for over a century, our employers have brainstormed the best ways to achieve a successful excavation process. The actual hands-on labor revolves around a set of calculated procedures.

After our expert professionals assess your pipes, we observe the exact perimeter of the pipe to avoid unnecessary damage to your Bellevue landscape. Our goal is to place the pipe in the ground and leave no trace of the excavation process. Laying the pipes proceeds fairly quickly, depending on the sewer line network and the extent of repairs. However, ensuring proper installation and durability is our objective for Bellevue homeowners. In order to avoid damage to surrounding pipes, we may carefully remove dirt, rocks, and other materials by hand instead of heavy machinery. Fortunately, technologies like the sewer cam conduct the handy work of mapping out sewer systems. Once the job is complete, we leave sewer line systems in a better than new condition.

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Although homeowners may view pipe excavations as “traditional,” it is a service that has evolved like Jim Dandy’s century long experience in the plumbing business. Our plumbers take great pride in making all of our services informative and tailored to the individual needs of homeowners. Contact us today for more information about pipe excavation for your Bellevue property.

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas
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