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Sewer Line Repair Bellevue, WA

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Today's technology allows you to save your precious landscape when something goes wrong with your plumbing. At Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing, we offer our customers in Bellevue, Washington innovative trenchless technology, a no dig solution designed to take out the pains of traditional sewer line repair. In the pipe lining process, your existing sewer line structure is left intact while a new pipe is formed within the old one. Homeowners and business owners can save time, money and can go on with daily lives or business operation without any hassle.

Technology At Work

Our technicians make use of the latest equipment to inspect the state of your sewer system. A high resolution camera is attached to a fiber optic rod, then inserted into any manhole or cleanout that leads to your pipeline. The video is fed to a compatible monitor, giving our technicians and customers a crystal clear view of what's happening inside. From there, our trained crew can determine the reason why you're having problems and the location of the issue. We gather data on pertinent details such as the pipe material, its overall condition, and detect even the tiniest pinhole leaks.

Trenchless Sewer Solutions in Bellevue, Washington

At Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing, we perform two breakthrough sewer repair processes that sets the new standard. Both trenchless technologies are non-disruptive and non-invasive, and as such won't expose harmful chemicals or ground waste. In Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining, your pipes are primarily given a thorough cleaning using pressurized water that effectively scours the inner walls, freeing stuck objects and calcified matter. The water flushes it out of your sewer line and into the nearest municipal treatment system. Then, a liner is soaked with special resin, that when hardens form the inner pipe structure.

Another technique we use would be the pipe bursting procedure that's very useful in its own right. A high quality conical head leads the new pipe along the same location as the broken pipe, disintegrating the broken pieces and sending it to the surrounding soil. Pipe bursting leaves no mess and there won't be any need to have your lawn re-landscaped. Both solutions only require downtime for a few hours. In some instances the water main doesn't need to be shut off.

Trenchless sewer repair benefits homeowners and business owners in a number of ways. Water pressure is originally restored, and the foul odor emanating from drains will be eliminated. Back ups, flooding, and other destructive plumbing issues won't repeat themselves as the problem is cured straight from the source. Broken and bellied pipes are completely rehabilitated and last for decades. The jointless material won't corrode, break, nor is it vulnerable to root intrusion unlike older pipe materials. Your sewer system becomes more efficient and will operate good as new.

Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing is the company to call when you need quick service that won’t last for weeks, and effective pipe repairs that will last decades. Our qualified technicians get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes traditional sewer repairs to be completed in Bellevue, Washington. Call us today for an inspection and receive an honest estimate.

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas
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