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Pipe bursting service in Seattle Washington

Pipe bursting is now considered the last and final solution for damaged sewage systems that have no other options when it comes to fixing them, even trenchless methods. At Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing, we are proud to offer these services to our customers living and working in Seattle, Washington. We recognize that pipeline problems of any nature are a hassle, and we strive to keep the inconvenience and high repair costs to a minimum through our innovative trenchless methods.

The Signs That You Need Pipeline Repairs

A few signs that you may need to call and schedule an appointment for an inspection and possible repair on your pipes include:

  • Bubbling noises
    When you flush the toilet or use the sink, air that cannot escape to the sewer lines will create a This can be a sign that there is a pipe broken, and it should be inspected.
  • Whistling noises
    If a sewer pipe gets severely dented, it creates a part of the drain line that is too small for the amount water that travels through it. This causes water pressure to build and spray the water through the pipe, making a whistling sound. Increased water pressure on compromised pipes can cause a pipe to burst.
  • Banging or clanking
    Loose water pipes can bump together, creating a banging sound. This can be due to loose washers or other caps. Eventually, loosened pipe joints can result in holes or leaks that can become large enough to need to be replaced.
Pipe bursting service in Seattle Washington

What Is Pipe Bursting, & How Is It A Good Solution For Sewer & Water Line Problems?

Pipe bursting is the intentional breaking of severely damaged sewer systems with trenchless techniques to make way for replacement systems. This process is more efficient and safer then the traditional digging methods, with the use of high-grade bursting heads. This busting head is fixed to a replacement pipe line, and funneled into the compromised sewer line. The top of the pointed bursting head breaks the existing, damaged pipeline as it moves through the pipe; this is because the bursting head’s cone shape is larger at its base than the existing pipe’s diameter. Using a pull rod or hydraulic power, the existing broken pipe that was causing problems is removed from its original location. The replacement pipe liner, attached behind the bursting head, is then put in place, filling the cavity left behind by the bursting head.

By completing the process this way, pipe bursting can take a little as a few hours to complete. Due to the time it saves it is one of America’s preferred pipe replacement method and was what brought trenchless technology to the forefront of mainstream plumbing. Many homeowners and sewer industry professionals alike now use it for their serious plumbing problems, and companies due the technique vitally every day in the field.

The Benefits & Applications Of Pipe Bursting In Seattle

Not only does trenchless pipe bursting save time and pulling up peoples lawns or flooring than traditional digging replacement, but it also has been proven to be safer and more cost-effective. Almost no gases or bacteria are exposed using trenchless technologies. This means less risk and safer environments and families during and after the piping process. Additionally, the efficient application of pipe bursting cuts traditional costs of redoing lawns or flooring after the plumbing is redone. Home owners now have no problem once the plumbing is done and can return to living life as normal.

Another benefit from pipe bursting is the potential for pipe flow increase. many business or home owners opt for a larger diameter pipe to be funneled in after the bursting head, which can be done thanks to the larger diameter of the bursting head. There is also the added bonus that pipes installed with pipe bursting are often covered by lifetime guarantees. Since the durable quality of today’s pipes and trenchless techniques has extended pipe life expectancy far beyond those of the past, the time needed between replacements will be many decades. Pipe bursting can be applicable to fix a variety of water main line and sewer problems, including:

Pipe bursting service in Seattle Washington
  • When repairs or replacements are not a viable solution due to economics or environment
  • When a greater pipe diameter is needed in order to increase water flow
  • When the repair or renovation of the drain only delays the inevitable of a pipe replacement
  • When home or business owners request for longer lasting piping or a higher product life span
  • When the loading capacity of the problem pipe would be compromised further by repairs

As with any repair or restoration, pipe bursting only works on set plumbing problems and is not an “everything goes” fix. It can’t be used under these circumstances:

  • The host pipe is unusable for the pipeline, and heavy crusted pipes are not fit to be cleaned
  • The soil around the host pipe cannot be moved if absolutely needed
  • There is another way to fix the piping problem

There is good news for those who are eligible for pipe bursting. Almost any host pipe material can be replaced and many new materials can be inserted as long as they can be pushed into place or pulled in by a winch rope. Pipe bursting also means it is very unlikely that there would be ground settlement, and it can be used even for pipes in sloped areas and areas with trees or gardens.

Call Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing For Affordable Pipe Bursting Services

If you have been experiencing problems with your sewer lines and suspect serious damage, talk to a professional about pipe bursting and the benefits both short and long term it can grant you. Without proper care of pipes, symptoms will only get worse.

Contact Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing today to get an estimate or have our professional and caring team inspect your pipe lines today. With over 100 years in the business we understand how important your sewage systems are and are dedicating to fixing your problem today. Contact us at 206-633-1141 for any of your Seattle plumbing needs.

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
Call 206-633-1141 Seattle and Surrounding Areas
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