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Signs You Should Get Your Heating System Inspected Before Winter

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Fall’s chilly temperatures and short days have arrived in the Seattle area, which means winter can’t be too far behind. For most of us, winter conjures up ideas of nights cuddled up with a steaming mug of cocoa and your favorite holiday movie. However, if your home’s heating system fails on the coldest night of the year, you could find yourself shivering as you scramble to figure out what went wrong.

Though it’s a lesson most homeowners unfortunately learn the hard way, preventive maintenance is always a smart strategy. It can save you money in the long run, and being proactive about things like getting your heating system inspected before winter officially arrives can keep you comfortable and warm.

With average highs in the Seattle area in the 50s, you’ve probably already had to switch your thermostat from cooling to heating. Significant drops in temperature make it important to know what you should you look for to determine if you need to get your heater inspected before winter.

1. Your energy bills are higher than average.
If you’ve seen a spike in your monthly utility bills but haven’t changed any of your habits, it could be a warning sign some component of your heating system has worn down. When something goes wrong with your heat, it forces your unit to work harder to keep up, which wastes energy and makes your bills spiral out of control.

2. Your furnace isn’t providing consistent heating.
When you have hot or cold spots throughout your home, that’s a red flag that you need a professional inspection. A furnace that isn’t working right will struggle to keep pace with your heating needs throughout the winter, which might eventually lead to a premature breakdown.

3. Your heater is old.
Like any standard appliance, heaters and their components don’t last forever. Even if you took excellent care of your unit, it may be reaching the end of its lifespan. The only way to know for sure if you will need to replace or repair your heater before it breaks is to get a professional inspection.

Heating Inspections in Seattle Call Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing for all your home heating needs this fall and winter. We always offer routine maintenance and inspections with fair, honest pricing.

Seattle and Surrounding Areas
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